Essay on new generation vs old generation

It is quite evident that the IQ level has been increased to significantly higher, decade after decade, no matter what kind of community, region, locality or country you live in. An average mind would be termed as genius if they time travel and reach the previous era. Now you got an idea what I actually want to imply! Back in the s, first of all, the education was limited to the elite group where children were taught memorizing the existing information.

There is one more concept known as hypothesis, which was lacking. People were extremely incapable to make a supposition and solve a question.

Our ancestors had life experiences. They knew how to fix mechanical things and many other stuffs.

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They would collect knowledge through reading books, elders, their own experiences, and so on, no matter how less hypothetical there were. If they were given access to the internet in their early days they obviously would learn just as we did. They can Google about any random topic and can seek much information.

The kids are also more enthusiastic in learning, their minds are yet to collect more information. They have better grasping skills than adults have. Today is the time when these young minds have lots of access from all kinds of sources they observe. This is the reason why I still remember certain religious bhajans I was taught when I was 3 year old, and find harder to store recent information like what I cooked the previous day!

Originally Posted by prono. The older generation has a lot more life experience than [more natural, less wordy] the younger generation and is therefore able to offer sound advice to young adults. In the area of work , older people [This is a logic issue. A generation can't share. Only people of a generation can share. The word experience is somewhat idiomatic. The plural is okay, but it infers specific experiences.

By dropping the S, your talking about old people's general, broad experience, which fits your meaning better. This makes it easier for someone entering the job market for the first time to decide whether a career in a desired field is really suit able ["Suited for them " doesn't agree with the singular noun someone.

Generation gap

Additionally, older people [The term "older generation" is getting tiresome. The wisdom that comes with age , [Your dependent clause turns the noun into a noun phrase. No comma. S ound advice [If you want to keep the "A," say "A sound bit of advice" or "A sound piece of advice] on how to budget, save and invest is crucial to the quality of life of each independent individual , e specially at this time, when the credit card debt among [ Amongst sounds frilly and quaint. But you're writing for a test, so it's better to just use a complete sentence there.

To become truly independent, people must learn how to live within their [Use gender-neutral language for gender-neutral statements. Failing to do so may have serious consequences on the quality of an individual's life. I put in a gerund.

I'm not a teacher. The hottest topic of conversation is between two generations is superiority. The Generation X argues that Generation Y is getting everything in their plate without having to work for it. The millenials counter that by saying that technological know how is the need of the day and nobody survives bereft of that. This is what the older generations lacks and finds it difficult to cope with the times.

It’s a Millennial World Now: Twelve Things to Know

Hence the millenials consider themselves better. But is this argument really valid? Are the criteria. There seems to be a great need to ensure that a skilled and smart generation is developed and brought up for the sake of the future of humanity.

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One of the common propositions that have been made across the world is that there has been the existence of tradition that involves distrust of the younger generation, with the feeling that the young people are not hardworking, knowledgeable or even more engaged in life activities compared to the older generation Schemo. No matter what it is, it will receive a label so that it can be referred to easily. This paper tries to show the differences and the agreements between the two literary streams and how it influenced the two particular authors.

The other processes, electricity. They found returning home that the honor in. This fact shows that political information is transitioning from being distributed threw controlled news outlets to being able to be typed up and pushed out around the world by individuals. The effect of social media comes with the advancement.

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to define and address the importance of the Sandwich Generation in our society. The idea is to introduce you to the term, definition and the participants in this generation. To show you the statistics without giving the roles, hardships and effects the people involved in this group would not tell the complete story of this sandwiched generation. I will conclude with ways to assist the participants to be successful for they too will move on to fulfill a different.

That generation has aged and its representative voices are slowly becoming lost to eternity, but the message is alive and well. The Beats have forever altered the nature of the American consciousness. The Beat Generation of writers offered the world a new attitude. They brought to society a consciousness of life worth living. They offered.

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They may even go as far as saying that millennials are the reason the world is going to fall apart. Both of these generations were after wars. It is not coincidence, wars make people devastated and lost. People tried to overcome problems and pain through literature and music.

Writers put all their emotions on the paper, musicians wrote songs, which described the hard time they had. These two generations produced the most talented writers of our days. For us. There are currently four generations in the work environment today, and because of longer life expectancies it will soon by five as the youngest generation enters the workforce joining the current four.

Generational transitions in the work environment cause the shift of power to be handed from one generation to the next. These transitions are complex but they have. Generation XYZ 1 Introduction As the worlds population continues to increase; and our societies and economies continue to change, each generation that is born is raised in a vastly different environment to the previous generation and influenced by many different factors, and in some cases, revolutions.

Baby Boomers, who grew up during a period of great relief and shopped largely on credit, do not have the same financial wariness that Generations Y and Z, who lived through the Great Recession,. The generation of the technology, the delayed life choices, the impatience, the reliance on our parents, more commonly known as Generation Y or Millennials, is the generation born between and The world is changing so fast, we can hardly keep up.

It is bad enough we have to push to learn as much as we can and apply the knowledge effectively, let alone being criticized for every.

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Communication Across Generations Communication is the giving and receiving of information between people. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal, written, and can even be conveyed through body language. Information in the form of a thought, idea or feeling is put into words by the sender and sent to the receiver, who receives the message and interprets it in a way that can be understood.

This communication is only effective when the receiver of this information interprets the message the way the. Millennials, the generation born between the years of and , prefer instant gratification to delving deep into a resource, and they tend to be more progressive in their ideologies compared to their elders.

The average young adult these days prefers images and diagrams to a page filled with scholarly words.