Short essay on life in a city

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Busy City Life Essay.

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2. Essay on Life in a Big City with Quotations | Living in a City Essay

There are several recreational facilities available in a city. There are good hospitals and libraries in a city. But these facilities are lack in gin villages. Cities are also centers of political activities.

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We can say that life in a big city is a mixture of joys and sorrows. All the comforts of life are available in a city. Burt a city is full of evil thighs as well.

There are brothels and gambling dens which have influence on the lives of young men. Essay No.

Life in a Big City. No doubt, life in a big city is very hot and full of glamour but the dark side behind it is far more fearful. A man who lives in the country finds city life most unpleasant. Accustomed to all his days to take life easily he feels himself an alien. He loses his hearings amidst the unceasing noise and feels in a state of high tension. But a man born and bred in the city has different feelings altogether.

Life to him is an exciting adventure, full of novelty and unexpectedness at every turn. With the rising unemployment in rural areas and more and more people getting good education, the population in big cities is increasing day by day.

What Virginia Woolf’s Lost Essay Can Teach Us About City Life

More and more people come to cities for opportunities in business, higher education, jobs and specialist medical aids. The growing presence of multinationals in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Kolkata and the like attracts thousands of youth to seek employment in them. Thus the hustle and bustle, noise, pollution is increasing day by day in cities.

The big cities are expanding day by day on all sides where hundreds of housing colonies are developing along with many business establishments. The older residents of these cities prefer to settle in outside areas to escape noise and pollution of the main city. In spite of all the problems of the cities people continue struggling all their lives to work in this environment of busy hum. Everyone is busy. None has time to even talk to his neighbour or relative. Everyone lives his individual life. The social contacts are absent.

The lust for money is increasing day by day. The value of properties has gone sky- up. There is no value of life. Accidents happen everywhere every day. This is a mad- rush. People aspire for a whiff of fresh air.

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People have no time to take rest. They cannot sleep soundly because of the tension of work and competition. You are liable to be cheated at every stage , so you also prefer to cheat others. This is mad — race for false prestige and power. Everyone wants to reach the top by hook or crook. Delicacies are rampant in big cities. Duplicate of everything is available.

Duplicate medicines, clothes, toys, machines, watches, cameras, spare parts, electric and electronic equipment are available everywhere. It is very difficult to find out the genuine and reject the duplicate. Besides, the opportunities of employment and bread — earning are easily available if you are person to work and show you excellence, the big cities provide big careers for the diligent professionals.