Essay on spring festival in pakistan

Spring Season Essay

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Follow Us on Social Media. Follow by email. Follow me on Blogarama. Kids try to imitate the bird and sing along with it. All the gardens look beautiful and pleasant. There are different types of flowers and leaves all around, the whole atmosphere looks stunning and green.


After a long cold and dry winter, spring comes as a relief as one can enjoy the pleasant temperatures and have nice trips and outings. There are lots of poems and songs based on spring season. Spring season varies from country to country, in India spring is from February to April, in most of the western countries it is from March to May. Depending on their weather conditions and temperatures.

Everyone feels fresh and happy at this time. The dull winter has passed and this is the time to rejoice the new season with lots of festivities and celebrations. There are lots of festivals celebrated at this time and is particularly important for farmers. There are beautiful bees and butterflies all around and they enjoy the gardens full of blooming flowers.

Spring is considered as queen of all seasons and is the most beautiful among all seasons. The winter is very cold and dry making it difficult to go out and move around, the summer has scorching heat which is very irritating and hot, the rainy season is though cold but its all mud and dirt everywhere, there is water all around making to difficult to walk or drive.

Spring is the only season, where weather is pleasant and nice.

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Everyone like going out and enjoying the sun in the mornings and the cool and pleasant breeze in the night time. Celebrated by the Ismaili and Parsi communities, the Nowruz marks the beginning of the Shahenshahi calendar which is followed by the western neighbours of Pakistan. It also commemorates the beginning of the spring season.

Associated with the concepts of rebirth and rejuvenation, the Nowruz is observed as a gratitude for the countless blessings bestowed upon the people. An event for family bonding, it is filled with delicious, mouthwatering traditional dishes.

Basant A Lost Festival Of Lahore English Literature Essay

Held in the months of February and March each year, this festival is one of the main highlights of the city of Shikarpur. Marked with traditional sports competition, handicraft exhibition, dances and folk music, the Jashan e Shikarpur is a mesmerising way to get a taste of what the Sindhi culture is all about.

One of the main highlights of the rich Kalashi culture, Chilim Joshi is also known by the name of Joshi and Chilim Jusht. It is a religious festival of the pagans of Kalash who welcome the spring season through it. Joshi is celebrated in May as a way to thank their gods for their countless blessings.


The beautiful Kalashi girls, attired in their colourful embroidered dresses, perform the traditional dance of the area during this event to showcase their Northlander culture.