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Some of them found other means of livelihood while others found it to be less paying because of the poor inflow of the tourists to the state. There is a palpable lack of coordination among several agencies like Department of Tourism and Department of Archaeology in handling the demands of the tourists in places of both historic and religious importance.

There is virtually no coordination between various public industries and private sectors like tea industry, oil and coal on one hand, and the Department of Tourism or Assam Tourist Development Corporation ATDC , on the other. This is definitely a major bottleneck on the way of tourism industry. The tour operators, hoteliers, transporters, tourist guides etc are not trained enough to provide detailed information to the tourists regarding the region which obviously is a barrier in the path of development of tourism industry in Assam.

Thus despite abundance of natural beauty, the flow of incoming tourist has been marginal for the reasons of the lack of infrastructural and other related facilities in various tourist spots in the region. Projecting this State as a tourist haven, the Union Tourism Ministry has been releasing enhanced Central assistance for tourism development. The Government has also encouraged the youths to enter this sector. The bold steps introduced by the Government from time to time have to be taken and implemented in a more systematic and organized manner.

12 Best Tourist Places In Assam: The Charm Of The North-East

There should be transparency and accountability in the substantial budgetary grants being made to Assam Tourism sector because without accountability, there will be no responsibility and without responsibility, there will not be proper implementation of policies and programmes. The media can also be utilized extensively for publicity through newspapers, magazines, internet, advertisements, seminars, press meets, write-ups in various national and international journals and TV channels to attract the prospective tourists.

Well planned and attractive websites updated from time to time can also be of great help.

It is pertinent to mention that Assam has to market tourism aggressively. One will have to go out and sell, instead of waiting for the customers to come and buy in a market of stiff competition.

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The Directorate of Tourism and the Assam Tourist Development Corporation should take steps even by purchasing space in the national dailies focusing on the attractive places of Assam at least once in a year just before the onset of the peak period of tourism in the state. The basic civic amenities and infrastructure such as road networks, pure drinking water, food stuff, restaurants and knowledgeable and skilled guides must be made adequately available at tourism sights and spots. The tourist guides should be acquainted with more than one foreign language to provide adequate knowledge and information to the tourists.

Adequate measures should also be taken by the government to provide tight security to the visiting tourists against terrorism and local thugs. Measures should also be undertaken by the concerned authority to provide sufficient medical facilities to handle any emergency situations along with trained para-medical staff so that patients could be taken to the nearest hospital with minimum complications.

Eco-tourism industry also calls for adventure tourism. The adventure spirit of the tourist can be uplifted by providing facilities like boating, elephant riding, parasailing, rafting, paragliding, ballooning, bungee jumping, rock climbing ,wildlife viewing, nature walk, jungle exploration, etc. Tourist entertainment is another important factor to attract the tourists and encourage them not only to revisit the region but also to visit throughout the year, not only in the main holiday season. T here should be provision for musical entertainment to the tourists staying in the hotels and tourists bungalows in important tourist places like Kaziranga and Guwahati, so that their evenings become delightful and the tourists are enriched by the cultural contours of the region.

Many art forms and cultural festivals like Bihu, exhibit a true picture of the ethnic and socio-cultural diversity prevailing in the region. The condition of most of the roads, including the national highways in Assam, is not satisfactory and are in deplorable condition. Absence of good roads to the places of tourist attraction is a discouraging factor. Efforts should be made to coordinate with the PWD Roads to improve the condition of the approach roads to the tourist spots on priority basis. Second, each tourist spot should have at least a PCO for facilitating the tourists to maintain their contact with the rest of the world.

In this connection, it may be noted that the river Brahmaputra offers a scope for an eco-friendly river transport.

Tourism in Assam: Status and Prospects

The massive volume of its water may be properly used to take tourists from one place to another by luxury cruisers. The tourists may like to choose the river route to travel from Guwahati to Tezpur by luxury cruisers. The Government may offer fiscal and other incentives to the private entrepreneurs to take up a host of tourist related services like setting up hotels and restaurants, to purchase vehicles etc. It may encourage the local youths to set up tents with modern facilities and to make available other related equipments for water sports in areas selected for eco-tourism.

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In other words, transport, accommodation and other logistics of tourism should be left to the private sector making the way for healthy privatization of the tertiary sector associated with tourism. We know that the insurgency problem here is a constraint.

Tourist Places In Guwahati

But then, which region is free from any problem? Tidak hanya untuk customer, PT. Puri Wira Mahkota juga menunjukkan penghargaan dan apresiasi terhadap performa seluruh management dan staff dengan mengadakan Tour bersama. Event-event dari luar, seperti pameran-pameran motor, yang diikuti Win Motor Parts sebagai bentuk publikasi produk-produk WIN dengan konsep yang berbeda untuk menarik perhatian masyarakat luas yang datang melihat pameran. Puri Wira Mahkota untuk membuktikan bahwa WIN adalah perusahan yang tidak hanya mementingkan kemenangan dan keberhasilan perusahan semata, namun WIN juga peduli pada kesejahteraan dan kehidupan masyarakat yang kurang beruntung.

The arches on the upper floor make it look like a baradari, but the roof of the building is a distinct identity of this place. It is like an inverted boat and has crocodiles carved at its ends giving a Chinese character to it. It is made of small bricks that are found in most buildings of that era. And is covered with lime, I guess to keep the building cool in this hot location.

Tourist Places In Guwahati

Little ahead of Rang Ghar is the seven-storeyed erstwhile palace of the Ahom kings called Talatal. There are secret tunnels that go out of this palace but that I think was an integral part of most royal residences. Now what remains here is a few floors, with rooms and corridors and some remnants of the carvings on walls that would have existed. Here and there some portion of the carvings peeps out as you walk through the ruins. There are remains of the ornate pillars on the sides of many entrances. A Shiva temple that is still practicing occupies its one corner by a small water body.

A little distance away from this palace is Gola Ghar or the place where ammunition was kept.

Assam Tourism Info on Tourist Places Wildlife Adventure Tours

Our surprise of the day was a personal museum called Uttaran, an effort of one individual to collect and showcase the culture of the region. The collection is impressive and effort commendable. The two-story building is full of artifacts. There is another portion being built personally by the curator cum owner himself. We spoke to him and it was a pleasure to listen to his dream of making a huge museum and all with his own money. I really admire people who want to build their dreams through their own effort and resources. Rather than people who think the only way to fulfill dreams is by borrowing resources.

We located this museum just by chance as we were passing by it. Otherwise, there is no mention of it anywhere in the travel guides or on the internet. While I was researching for this trip, no one mentioned about this beautiful town to me.

When I asked a few travel agents who conduct NE tours, they were completely clueless about the place in Assam. Even the people we met on the way before we reached the town said there is nothing much to see there, you will be disappointed. And after spending a day there I was wondering why do people not know about it. And why do they think it is not as important as any other historical place in the country. We really liked and enjoyed the place. I wish and hope that people will go and see this place from where maybe one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the country ruled.

Recommend you to read following travel blog posts on tourist places in Assam. And also places to visit in North-East India. Guwahati — Gateway to North-East India. Came across this post and was very happy to see one of my favourite places covered. When I reached Sibasagar, I had no idea about this lovely temple town. I hope some people would visit it after reading this post. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.