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Choose your Academic Level. Set Pages Count to. Compare and contrast group therapy techniques with individual plans. Compare and contrast the effects of TV exposure versus video game exposure among children. Are love and lust the same thing? How does the traditional medical treatment of depression differ from new-age methods? The roots of social anxiety disorder and fear of leaving the home. Compare different methods to treating PTSD Compare and contrast tiger parenting with a hands-off approach.

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Is Schizophrenia linked to intelligence? Compare and contrast ego with the superego How parents and peers influence teenage behaviors Psychology: social science or social study? What psychological factors raise the risk of teen suicide Compare and contrast symptoms of anxiety with depression Is psychological torture acceptable in some situations? Should there be a ban on animal testing? Is marijuana really as harmful as hard drugs? Anorexia or Bulimia: which eating disorder is more difficult to treat?

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Psychoanalytic theorists opine that psychology should concentrate more on understanding the mental processes especially in as far as the unconscious mind is concerned. The psychoanalytic perspective recognizes three different levels of consciousness. To a psychoanalytic, the conscious level is the least important level of consciousness. The other levels of consciousness include precociousness, and unconsciousness Quigley The psychoanalytical theory argues that the intrinsic desires and drives that we manifest as human beings are largely inborn.

Psychoanalytic theorists are also convinced that instinctual desires and drives are to be found in the unconscious mind.

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Furthermore, instinctual desires and drives are connected to survival. Moreover, the psychoanalytic perspective contends that adult personality does not change. This is because at the age of between five and six years of age, the core personality has already been established in an individual.

enter According to the psychoanalytical theory, in the end, human behavior is always motivated by either the aggressive drive or the sexual drive Quigley The sexual drive concept as postulated by Freud goes past sexual to include other things that an individual consider as being pleasurable. Therefore, Freud has opined that any time you eat food, daydream or chew gum this is actually the result of a need to fulfill an underlying unconscious sexual desire.

As human beings, we tend to be completely unaware of such sexual desires, although they are actually innately developed. Regarding the issue of human behavioral control, the psychoanalytic theory holds that the unconscious drives are responsible for controlling human behavior. Just like the behavioral theory, the psychoanalytical theory does not also agree with the notion of free will Tyson , p. The unconscious part of the brain borders the conscious part of the mind, and part of it is made up of the repression. Repression represents a key defense mechanism against disruption of the ego.

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Besides the repression, the laws of transformation are also under the unconscious mind. These principles are charged with the responsibility of controlling the sublimation and repression processes Tyson , p. In this case, sublimation refers to the process of rechanneling drives that would otherwise not have gotten an acceptable outlet. By and large, the unconscious mind plays the hypothetical role of lining childhood experience with adult behavior in an intelligent manner. The psychoanalytical theory is also opposed to the idea that human behavior is under the control of the environment.

Similar sentiments are also shared by the behavioral theory of personality. What this seems to imply is that humans are self-centered, egocentric, and selfish by nature. Freud was of the opinion that there is always a selfish motive to every behavior of an individual. Behaviorists try to explain personality by looking at the effect of the external stimuli on individual behavior.

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The behavioral perspective of personality is a departure from the psychoanalytical theory as popularized by Freud. Skinner was convinced that the reason why children portray bad conduct is because such behavior tends to attract more attention and as such, it acts as a reinforcer.

For instance, a child may cry with the hope of getting the attention of its parents because in the past, he has succeeded in doing so.

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Therefore, the behavioral theory of personality is concerned with the response and consequences of behaviour. One of the key similarities between both the psychoanalytical theory and the behavioral theory is that both are by and large, deterministic Baum This observation hinges on the fact there is a compelling force behind the behaviour of an organism, other that the organism itself.

In addition the current behavior portrayed by an organism is the result of prior behaviours, such as reinforcement, and punishment, among others. Behavioural theories involve the observation of human behavior in a bid to explore how we are affected by the environment around as, and the interaction between this relationship and our experiences Baum There is a lot of science and observation involved in behavioral theories.