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A school psychologist never knows exactly what the day will include, much like my current position as a counseling assistant at Castle Park Middle School in Chula Vista. From this experience I know that spontaneity and high energy are vital for my growth and satisfaction within my career. As an undergraduate I dedicated my best efforts toward my education and as a result, I graduated with high honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara earning a B.

I soon attained full-time employment with the San Diego Center for Children, where I continue to volunteer on various weekends and holidays.

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This facility is a residential treatment program for children with severe emotional disturbances resulting from abuse, neglect, homelessness, or abandonment. All of this has proven to be an invaluable learning experience. Complementing this experience is my current position as a counseling assistant.

My responsibility is to provide various psychological and educational services to students who need additional assistance to succeed in school and in the community. The elementary school years, kindergarten through fifth grade, are important years for the student. The elementary school grades are the years where a …show more content…. On the other hand, Thomas argues that boys often have a hard time in the classroom when their teacher is female.

According to Tony Moody, in Thomas' article, instead of encouraging the boys, female teachers may ridicule them for their aggressive behavior. This constant chastising is seen by male students and their parents as a lack of respect for the male student However, Moody first came to this conclusion with the experience of his own son. Can a person who uses his own son as an example be taken seriously?

After all, there are not many parents in this wold who will admit that their son or daughter could possibly be a troublemaker. Most parents are in denial, believing that their child is a perfect angel. I have experienced this numerous times when talking to parents about their children.

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Yet, students must get past this so called bias and grasp the concepts that will be the basis of the rest of their knowledge. Once a student has the basic concepts, the space shuttle can be boarded for the tour of the terrestrial planets. The terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

These four planets are the planets that are closest to the sun. Terrestrial means earthlike; therefore, these planets are all earthlike because they have a solid ground.

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The terrestrial planets are the middle school years. The knowledge learned here orbits the sun. If the knowledge learned at the sun is not retained, a student may have a. Show More. Read More. Why I Am I? Powerful Essays words 6. I grew up in a large family with my parents and siblings. My father always encouraged me to do well in school and fulfill his dreams of being his future Human Rights Lawyer and he still does.

I became motivated to even work harder Even though it may have just been Learning letters and numbers it was the beginning, and it did established a foundation For cognitive and emotional development. After completing first grade and kindergarten in the public school system, my parents decided to switch me to a private school.

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This decision was made due to the fact that my first grade teacher in public school suggested that I be held back to repeat the first grade. Instead of holding me back, my parents decided to send me to Kraybill Mennonite school, a private christian school, due to the fact that they had a one-on-one educational support program My early elementary school years I felt was the strongest.

I went to school where the majority of the student population were white. I never felt as though the teachers were giving me different treatment because I was African-American. I never felt as thou I was the child that everyone wanted to save because of my skin color. Not once did I ever feel out of place from my teachers. I will admit that I struggled with self-identity due to the fact I was not around children of my own race Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. I have had the opportunity to not only grow up in two different countries, but also educate myself these two different settings.

Reaching up to the 4th grade in the Dominican Republic, and then establishing what happens to be the rest of my education in the United States, has made me explore all aspects of what now becomes my educational autobiography.

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To begin my educational journey, from what I remember, attending school in the Dominican Republic is completely different than attending school in the United states Better Essays words 4. I believe that his goal with this writing was to help the general public to be better informed about the educational structure and how it works. I feel that Mr Strong Essays words 2 pages Preview.

With relaxed admissions standards, community colleges are often comprised of students as diverse as the community it serves. Better Essays words 5. I have been in the worst spot of my life time. Where I hate going to school but, also think about my father education. My career goal is one of my most important in my life to better myself than I am today tomorrow I will better than yesterdays.

My education began in fifth grade, my parents moved from one location to another. Better Essays words 5 pages Preview.

Like any other person, I eventually gained the understanding and importance of essential qualities like time management, work ethic, developing strong mental mindset, and many other things throughout my years of education. Fortunately for me, I became aware of these things much earlier than my peers around me. However, being aware of these things was only a fraction towards success I see education as a lifelong journey of acquiring new ideas and concepts. A journey that blends art and science to create a warm, welcoming classroom environment where learning is expected, encouraged and supported I was a new mother of a 1 year old and was on leave from my job as a teacher.

My husband and I were at a birthday party where we had a chance meeting that changed the course of my career forever. We were having a nice talk with a young father at the party when the conversation came around to what I did for a living. I mentioned that I taught Spanish and English but was on leave right now. Well, it turned out that he was the dean in charge of hiring Spanish language faculty at my local community college and was in need of adjunct faculty Strong Essays words 3. The role has been transformed to incorporate motivating students and teachers alike as well as creating visions and mission for the direction the leader would like to take with the organization.

Leaders challenge and inspire people to go above and beyond their comfort zones. They have the ability to influence and enlist the support of others towards accomplishing specific goals Powerful Essays words 5. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. It is my educational philosophy that learning is innate and instinctual.

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I believe that learning should focus on the whole student and making them a well-rounded individual. I believe in the educational philosophies of existentialism and social reconstructionism Strong Essays words 2. My educational philosophy has been challenged and I have strived to be open-minded, seeking the best methods and strategies as I prepare to teach high school Spanish.

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I can honestly say, that before this semester, the integration of technology into my future classroom was not at the forefront, and was something that I had not fully considered. Education has given me a clearer perspective in regards to the benefits of technology in teaching and just how effective it can be in the education of a child Like any journey the person that is navigating needs a map to follow, in this case my map is my Philosophy of Education.

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Before you take the plunge into the highest level of education, there are many factors to consider. This paper explores some of the benchmarks for the doctoral candidate. Also, this paper considers the features that a quality doctoral school offers. The Doctoral Journey Almost all teachers, certainly all public school teachers who want to obtain tenure, will seek and complete a master's level of study in the subject that they are teaching, or in education There is almost always a mix between philosophies that identify our values as educators.

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I found that I have identified most with a progressive philosophy, also known as a pragmatist philosophy. This philosophy stood out to me when I had first learned about the different types and my guess that I fit into this category most was confirmed when I scored my sheet. A progressive or pragmatic philosophy is one that focuses on the entire child Strong Essays words 4.