Why am i going back to school essay

Career colleges still offer vocational training programs, such as automotive repair, eletronics engineering and masonry, but increasing numbers of working professionals are enrolling in career colleges to learn the skills necessary to earn a college degree or take their current career to the next level.

The increasing availability of career colleges offering online programs is making it easier and more convenient for working professionals to finish college or earn another degree.

Re-enrolling in college is a great way to make a career transition, learn new skills, study subjects of personal interest, and enhance marketability in a competitive job market. Unfortunately, many wouldbe adult students who desire to position themselves for a career change or return to college do not do so because of fear. The following concerns and fears are shared by many working professionals reluctant to return to school:. Working professionals and adults are concerned about the cost of returning to college, the time commitment involved, and the challenges of attending classes with younger students.

Many are also concerned that their employers will be unimpressed with their new degrees or certifications. This is especially true of online degrees and diplomas. However, most working adults re-enrolling in career college, regardless of whether they attend or complete classes online, end up fitting in well and are more than up to the challenge of returning to college as an adult. They usually enroll with fear and concern, only to later realize that their fear and concerned were unfounded.

Because of the benefits of returning to college, many working professionals that have re-enrolled in college are glad that did not let their fears prevent them from pursuing more education. Many middle-aged adults returning to college are concerned about standing out and not fitting in with younger students. According to the U. Department of Education, college students 25 years or older comprise 40 percentage of all students enrolled in college. Likewise, in , close to 3 million people 35 years or older were enrolled in college, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Middle-aged adults with concerns about fitting in at college should consider the following factors:. For those with concerns about attending classes with younger adults, many classes can now be completed remotely entirely online. Also, a growing numbers of middle-aged adults are now returning to college to pursue or finish their degree, and many adults find they actually enjoy interacting and learning with younger students who are enthusiastic about education. It can be expensive returning to college.

The expense alone is enough to cause many working adults to reconsider their decision to return to school and earn a degree. However, when education is viewed as an investment, the costs of attending college do not seem as large of a sacrifice. It's best to have a long term rather than short term perspective. Salary increases associated with obtaining more education often offset the cost of returning to school.

Many colleges, including those offering online courses, are relatively inexpensive to attend.

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Before deciding against returning to school base on the cost, consider how earning your degree or getting advanced training will help you achieve your long-term career and educational goals. It's not unreasonable for working professionals to feel overwhelmed with their current responsibilities.

As a result, returning to school can be that much more intimidating. Working full-time, raising a family, and fulfilling other responsibilities are enough to occupy already full schedules. However, it's possible to make time to return to school—and many adults do it quite successfully. It may require sacrificing time spent enjoying leisurely activities, but it is possible to make the time.

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  7. If you set a goal and have unwavering commitment to reach it, you can develop the ability to make sacrifices that will allow you to accomplish your educational objectives. Working professionals desiring to return to school but who are concerned about the time commitment should consider enrolling in an online programs.


    Going Back to School

    Many online programs the flexibility to complete classes, projects and exams whenever students have time, whether it be early in the morning or late in the evening. Students are not required to attend classes and course requirements can be completed at home or from an office. It usually requires four years to obtain a bachelor's degrees, two years to obtain a master's degree, and nearly eight years to complete a doctorate program as a full-time student. That may not seem an impossible task for a young adult with the time, but it can be even more intimidating for someone with a full-time job and family responsibilities.

    However, most colleges offer accelerated learning programs. After about 2 months of the program, left and never went back. Later, after wasting too much time, although I was working I seemed to not be going anymore. So I decided to sign up for my G. D at Goodwill job connection.

    It seemed to be a good idea and it was right down the street from home, so getting there was not an issue. After waiting and calling numerous of time Goodwill never contacted me about starting classes. So I decided to do something else, I contacted Gaston Literacy. Kelley, a wonderful lady, set up my appointment tort my G. D practice test. After the first 3 test she took me in her office and told me about my scores.

    Get on the List

    I had passed with only 2 more to go, and then back to the testing room I went. After completing the entire test Ms. That lady made me feel so good; she gave me some sense of confidence and motivation, she made me feel good about what I was trying to achieve. After testing Ms. Kelley and I had a long talk about my future and what I wanted for It. Then she gave me my test scores and was off to complete my goal. Finally, a week later, I was at Gaston College for my final testing. The first day I took my first 3 test and passed and the next day finished all my testing.

    Proud of myself and more motivated then ever I was done.

    Questions to Ask Before Going Back to School

    I had passed my entire test and surprisingly with good scores. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This material is available only on Freebooksummary.

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