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He loved what he taught and it was so easy to see. Every lesson he'd discuss things with us, got us thinking for ourselves, and was definetely not a "textbook teacher", something that I think is becoming common in schools these days.

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He got to school early so we could finish our final project on time and still hadn't kicked us out when the caretaker came around to lock up at 7. His constant discussions about football a life long Liverpool supporter were particularly popular with the boys, and he was always there to talk to. He talked to me about films even though he wasn't a film fanatic, went out of his way to help me out with my project even at 7pm when I was freaking out about not finishing when he probably had other stuff to be doing, and he was a really great laugh.

He put up with so much crap from other students when they tested his patience, and had time to console his other worrying students me mostly that their work was good enough and they would not fail. And then he left. Next year will not be the same without you, Sir. He smoked like a chimney and had orange fingers. He was my best teacher ever.

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In his classes we put the text books to one side and he got us thinking for ourselves. He often would hand out a photocopy of a photo and then ask us to make ten points on our own that related to that picture, either some physical or human geography related observations. For example the photo could be of a glacial landscape, a meandering river, or a satellite image of a delta or city. Then he'd ask members of the class to call out a point they had, he'd go around every pupil in this way so everyone had to say at least one point.

Because he was an intimidating guy It was nerve wracking coming up with your list and if someone else had already said all your points you had to really quickly come up with a new original point or else you were felt to feel pretty small. I know making people feel small isn't good thing, but it worked the other way too If you said a really good point then the recognition he gave you in the classroom felt brilliant. So you came out of his classes feeling challenged and we learnt loads by thinking for ourselves.

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He was very approachable and willing to help you whenever you needed it and the whole class seemed to really enjoy the lessons he taught. For me he was very inspirational in developing my love of maths. He brought the subject alive for me through some interesting games and activities.

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But it wasn't just him teaching maths which made him great. He really seemed to care about every student he came in contact with. At lunch times he'd welcome you in to class room and he'd chat with you and offer advice for problems you may be facing and he really helped one of my mates who wasn't espeically great at maths. He was actually an inspriation to me to actually go in to teaching myself.

And though I didn't teach for long, I do hope that I put in to practice some of what I learnt from Mr Willam all those years ago about what made him a great team. I also happened to find out that some people I trained to be a teacher with had Mr Willam as their mentor. So I asked them to get the 'Lobster Pots' game off him and played it with my classd. So you never know who you might come across when teaching In his 30's and still full of energy and genuine interest in what people had to say.

Mixing up lessons with unexpected interactive activities, such as watching a video on Pulp Fiction, followed by a step by step guide on the importance of managing a project.

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In the case of Pulp Fiction, how to dispose a body without anyone knowing in a short period of time. It's all relative. His interacting was the clincher, utilising the whiteboard and creating havoc on it. Empty at the beginning of the lecture and full by the end with student suggestions on various topics. Having a small group to work with helped, but he really got you thinking and was probably the only lecturer not to make getting up at 7am a chore. As a form tutor he was incomparable.

As pupils he instilled great confidence in us when he announced on the first day that he had as much a knowledge of the school as we did.

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However it did show us that he was ready to engage with us on our level. Another great characteristic was that his students came first. If we went to talk to him about a problem he would drop everything else and immediately see to it that it was fixed. As a Drama teacher it was his knowledge of what his students did want to do and didn't want to do in the classroom that really made him a great Drama teacher. He knew that not all of his students would be interested in reenacting plays so he gave us Technical Drama, which became a hugely popular choice with students. He used Drama to challenge all the pupils; shyest pupils spoke out, the unruly pupils work hard and yet he always knew when to step back and allow his students have their fun.

I think it's a testament to his prowess as a teacher that 5 years after he left around half the class were still involved with the Drama department in some capacity. However, one day during year 9 this was probably in March , One of the main character in my group was missing, so I took her place and performed infront of the whole class. I did, and it was the best decision I have ever made. I soared through GCSE and she'd been extremely encouraging. She brought me to shows, and got me as many acting oppurtunities as she could. She truly believed in me.

Her partner taught me and we were really close. I love them to bits and it was very sad when they had to leave at the end of year 11 because of personal reasons I miss them so much and now, we are still friends, and she will always be my respected and favorite teacher. It's perhaps not so much of a surprise but I am still taking Drama at IB level.


It would have been more fun with "Mor" She would use a variety of methods to help keep us engaged and everything was hands on with her even though our school 'specialises' in science most of the teachers didn't believe in doing practicals She never gave up on those who seemed like "lost causes", there was no such thing as " a student who will only ever get a D Some may say that some of her teaching methods were a little patronizing, using Lego bricks to represent glucose molecules or repeating information she had written on the board, but it works, it sticks in your head.

I'm a visual learner which is why I did so well in her units for Biology. Most of all she is totally unaware at how good she is and is completely modest. She's inspired me to teach and I'll never forget her. She doesn't get the recognition she deserves but she keeps at it! Indeed there was something of a just cause Anyway, I got little encouragement, and she pretty much wrote me off as a competent Chemist. This was a surprise, I'd always been considered an intelligent and gifted individual.

It hurt alot tbh, it was like a big chunk of my identity had been stripped from me.

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Anyway, towards the end of the year I pulled up my socks and she noticed. In the second year she went as far as to say I could get staright As a step up from her D prediction the previous year! Her appraoch was firm but kind which was exactly what I needed to kick the complacency out of me. The whole experience developed my maturity significantly and now I have the correct attitude towards studies. If it wasn't for this teacher I doubt I'd have got my head sorted tbh, and I wouldn't have the same academic esteem I have now.

Every day she was a friendly face on the corridors, and she had one of those really infectious smiles. In Maths lessons she was loved for her patience, she could recognise someone who was struggling or getting stressed and she was always willing to help and work through the questions even if it meant extra lessons in her rare free time. She knew when topics were difficult. I remember one day studying division of polynomials when Miss Hudson announced "Wow, you all look stressed, I hate this stuff too". Then she went to her office and returned with several large bags of chocolate buttons, and even some grapes for the diet-conscious girls at the back.

Outside of the classroom, Miss Hudson was always willing to help someone in need. In year 13 she acted as my personal agony aunt for a few months and the help she provided got me through a very hard time. She looked out for each and every student, even those she didn't teach, and could always be counted on as a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. A lot of people at my school owe her a lot, and I hope she knows how appreciated she is. He knew his student had potential and did his upmost to get that potential out of them.

He wasn't one to mince his words, the students respected him. The more intelligent, he challenged them to reach the stars , those not so intelligent he made them believe they too could open up doors. He inspired me in History but the lessons we learned with him taught not only about history but also about ourselves. She pushed me to do my best but she always knew if I was struggling and needed some extra help and gave me that help. She managed to take me from someone who really struggled with subjects such as history to someone who did really well in it.

Now I'm doing it for AS and can see myself potentially doing it for a degree. She was amazing and I think I would have even less confidence in myself and my ability than I currently do so she was by far my favourite teacher. When they taught me : Year 6. What made them so good : At the time, I'd never have said Mrs Driver was my favorite. Not a chance, quite the opposite if anything.

It was only towards the end of my time at primary school when I had the chance to reflect on her impact upon me. Without being disrespectful, she was notorious for being a battleaxe and pupils were genuinley scared of her when it was decided they were in her class. This wasn't her at all though, it was just her teaching style which by the end of the year had rubbed off, and you could see the person beneath the teacher, desperate for her pupils to do well.

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We would all be desperate to get good marks to impress her, and was a good way of making you feel awful if you did poorly - a great technique to make sure you made up for it next time. Looking back now, I think she was probably the first teacher to put any amount of pressure on myself, which prepared me well for secondary school and the future pressures that would come with it. A lot of people will recall their favorite teachers as smiley and friendly, but she was a great example of the exact opposite. You had to earn her respect and maintain it.

Fantastic teacher i'd like to add also that she won a teacher of the year award in my county a few years ago now, recognising her achievements. His knowledge and understanding of Science, but Chemistry in particular was exceptional. Which is why on my final year of my A-levels he was given "head of Science" status, that he deserved.

He was always there any time of the day to help, and made all problems disappear. He also had the added bonus of being a very very nice guy, and could thoroughly relate to us with most things. As he was a young teacher, only about 26, he was always up for a laugh, and was always happy to chat about things, including football banter.

What made them so good : Mrs Cooper's 'legendary' RS debates, and teaching style are something to behold.

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Not at all biased in the least, Mrs Cooper managed to inspire some of most intelligent arguments out of our year. Whether it was debate on Abortion, Euthanasia, or the wearing of the Muslim hijab, she engaged with all of the members of our class.