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Dimmesdale had no one to help him through his suffering while Hester had Pearl, which she loved and was responsible to take care of. She could not leave Pearl alone, binding her to life.

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Having to deal with suffering and guilt alone can lead to terrible practices. Dimmesdale, without the advice or help from anyone, tried to find a form of penance so he began to physically torture himself.

The Suffering of Arthur Dimmesdale in

Dimmesdale did these horrible acts because of a feeling of worthless. He felt that he deserved even more punishment because of the extra sin of concealing his original sin.

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Hester, at least, did feel needed or loved by Pearl, which kept her from many other terrible sins, and she did not have the extra tormenting sin to carry, which shows that she suffered less. Dimmesdale possessed only one thing, which was his suffering.

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The crime was his life because it seemed everything revolved around it. This sin and his suffering had taken over his life; he had nothing else. Suffering can be the most terrible when in comes from your conscience.

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Dimmesdale had a terrible, undying guilt, which followed him everywhere and never quieted. Dimmesdale said that once the extra sin of concealing the original sin is gone the load on the conscience lessens relieving the guilt and suffering. Hester did not have these additional burdens of guilt and suffering as Dimmesdale did. It tortured him to see people love him. Hester did not have this pressure and conflict within her conscience as Dimmesdale did because she had nothing to hide. His guilt was so strong that it almost made him go mad and brought him great suffering.

The Reverend Dimmesdale's Projection's of Truth in The Scarlet Letter Essay Example

Chillingworth inevitably drives Dimmesdale sick and insane. He has evil dreams and hallucinations. Dimmesdale became a tragic hero because of suffering for what he did wrong.

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Dimmesdale shows many qualities of a tragic hero. There are many more tragic heroes in literature that shows some of these qualities. There are many people in history that become tragic heroes displaying the same characteristics. Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation Direct Essays. Saved Essays.

Arthur Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter Essay

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