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Air pollution well above legal thresholds in Bucharest. View the discussion thread. Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following link: Link. Recommended stories. Romanian airline Tarom to launch direct flights from Bucharest to New York next summer. Destination: Bucharest. Romania Insider Free Newsletter Subscribe now.

Air Pollution Poignant Matters

Trending content 18 October Former Tarom CEO says transport min. Romanians, the fastest-growing immigrant community in Brussels. Romanian officially takes over as NATO deputy secretary general.

Forest ranger reportedly murdered by lumber thieves in Northern Romania. Latest Press Releases. Press Releases.

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These are the game - changers: Meet the winners of the Romania Insider Awards, Photo gallery. The Albanian environmental movement includes around 40 active non-government organisations. Air pollution is a major environmental issue in the bigger cities of Albania, especially the capital, Tirana. The sharp increase in air pollution in bigger cities resulted from a sharp increase in cars' ownership and decrease of urban greenery.

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Water pollution in Albania is caused by disposal of trash, and discharge of untreated wastewater and sewage. Two rivers which pass through the capital, Tirana, are two of the most polluted rivers in Albania. Lana and Tirana River are clean at their source, but once they enter Tirana, their water is several times more polluted than allowed standards.

The waste management system is composed by a weak collection systems in cities and very little collection systems in rural areas. Awareness on waste recycling is low. Littering and dumping trash remains a serious problem for Albania.

Infringement against Romania due to pollution

Illegal logging is the main threat to Albanian forests. The environmental movement in Albania is represented by around environmental non-governmental organizations NGOs.

follow link It consists of local and national NGOs. Less than 40 NGOs are active due to lack of funding and barriers in influencing the decision makers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on 10 March Retrieved 24 January Institute for Environmental Policy-Albania. Retrieved 25 January Institute for Environmental Policy in Albania.

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Ardiaei Albanoi Amantini Enchele Taulantii. Origins Timeline Archives. Climate Biodiversity Habitat Protected areas. Elections Assembly Members Opposition.

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