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Marcel Gauchet - is a leading French philosopher, historian and sociologist, who has written widely on politics, the relation between democracy, religion and globalisation. In recent years, he has become increasingly prominent in France as a public intellectual, commenting in the media on a range of issues from education to European politics and Islamic fundamentalism.

Interview Agnes Heller, 4 may 2017

Its fourth and last volume Le Nouveau Monde , offers an analysis of the contemporary crisis of democratic politics and of the genesis of the neo-liberal ideology, in both its right wing and left wing manifestations. In his first Australian appearance, Gauchet will discuss — via a live teleconference from Paris — the nature, dynamics and consequences of the recent upheavals in democratic politics, such as the election of Donald Trump and the rise of populism.

Other participants in the discussion will be Dr Natalie J. J Bartlett.

Ágnes Heller

She co-edits Social Imaginaries and has recently completed a book for Lexington on the contemporary crisis of European democracy, titled A Loss of Common Purpose: European democracy, depoliticization and imaginary constructs of Islam. Cross Atlantic Perspectives. He previously completed a Masters in Psychoanalytic Studies at Deakin University and has published several pieces in leading psychoanalytic outlets. Murray Noonan is a graduate student at Deakin University, where he studies post-Marxism and international relations.

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In the age of the war on terror and what one critic has called 'disaster capitalism', the topic of trauma has assumed renewed cultural relevance.