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Honors Students have the opportunity to live with their Honors peers on one of several Honors floors in the residence halls, which enrich the experience of students with numerous programs and events.

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By completing a thesis Honors Students engage in the type of advanced research typically reserved for graduate students. Honors Students are strongly supported to maximize their potential through national scholarships, fellowships, and funded research programs. Pace University. Institution Name: Pace University.

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Program Name : Pforzheimer Honors College. Country: USA. State: New York. City : New York City and Pleasantville. ZIP Code: and Dean or Director of Honors : Susan E. If there are extenuating circumstances, the Director has the discretion to allow students to remain in the Honors College. Extra consideration is given to first-year students. Students dismissed from the Honors College may appeal to the Financial Aid office for consideration for alternative financial aid funds. Quick Links What is the Pace Path? Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity.

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Interested to supervise an Honors Thesis? Whether you are teaching an Honors course or directing an Honors Thesis, your work is critical to our efforts to attract students to the program, to provide high expectations for academic excellence, and to provide an environment for student success. The Honors Faculty Handbook is a comprehensive resource designed to assist you in working with the Honors College and our students. Pace University is a member of this organization.

Students must also have minimum scores of each on the Math and Verbal sections of the SAT with a combined minimum score of or a minimum score of 27 on the ACT. Students entering the Honors College at the beginning of their sophomore year are required to take a minimum of 6 18 Credits Honors College courses. The Honors courses are taken in place of, not in addition to, non-Honors courses. In developing their thesis, Honors students receive continuous support and guidance from Honors faculty and staff and other Pace University faculty members.

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To receive 2 Fast Facts: Honors credit in an Honors College course, students must receive a final grade not lower than B-. The role and involvement of the faculty in teaching an Honors course is fine-tuned to higher student capabilities and expectations. While it is difficult to ascribe minimum requirements for Honors courses, there is agreement that these classes, purposefully kept small, ought to contain unique aspects which set them apart from other courses.

An Honors course is much more than just a course; it is a unique process where student gain vast and deep experience about the principles of the discipline. It puts a great emphasis on an inquiry-based quest where the instructor lead student to produce and thinking critically, while encouraging them to take initiative in affecting the direction of the course.

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Such goals are most likely to be achieved in an atmosphere of open communication among students and between students and the professor. While a predominantly lecture format may be appropriate for some Honors courses, most should encourage the active engagement of minds; hence, such methods as discussion, debate, oral reports, etc.

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The Honors College places a premium on student writing and the intellectual skills that can be developed and mastered thereby. Therefore, unless a professor can make a strong case for an exception, Honors instructors are expected to require significant writing from their students. This can be done, as appropriate, by way of a major paper or different essays or exercises. In courses dealing with performance as in music or drama or creative activity, writing can be made to support or enhance other forms of creative activity.

The intent of a writing requirement is to give students opportunity to collect, generate, and refine their thoughts on a given subject and to produce polished communications.

Page 3 Quality rather than quantity separates Honors courses from the non-Honors curriculum. While the work requirements in an Honors course may involve larger and harder assignments than would be given in other courses in the University, the goal of the Honors College is to encourage the student to extract more intellectual value out of the work that is assigned rather than simply to do more assigned work. Honors faculty should be active members of the intellectual community and should seek to include the students in that community.

The College encourages in the professor a flexibility of method and creative approach to engaging students in sharing the learning experience. Although such "mixed" sections fall short of our ideal Honors experience, it can still offer a vital and exciting learning opportunity for some of our students.

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The Honors College agrees to such sections when an outstanding faculty member is teaching an intriguing special topics course or when we have several students in a particular major who would benefit from an upper-division offering in that major. The course will be most useful if it stimulates thinking about teaching so that you devise your own creative solutions to this very complex classroom environment.