Good deeds that backfired essay

Before my dad came home, she told me that if I told him anything, she would beat me with the same rod and make me spend the day in the backyard naked without food. As nice as I was to her, the more she pushed me away, insulted me, and beat me. When my family and I were on vacation for the Fourth of July, we were hanging out on a beach.

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My dad saw a girl splashing and screaming for help out in the water. Apparently, these two girls, who were probably somewhere around 12, and had got caught swimming too far out. One girl got ahold of a buoy and the other was starting to panic. He ran into the water and swam over to her. He grabbed her and started to swim her toward shore but she was panicking and struggling and trying to push him under to keep herself up. They thanked my dad and asked if he wanted a ride back to shore. My father was a Vietnam Navy vet on vacation with his wife and kids, building sandcastles, not checking out young girls.

A flat-chested year-old in a bathing suit? There is a homeless woman who stays in my neighborhood often. One day, I saw her sitting on a bench on a freezing cold day sometime after Christmas as a teacher, this is a time I often get 20 Dunkin Donuts gift cards. I figured as a customer, she could get a hot drink and stay warm inside for a while. She looked at me, took the card, threw it on the ground, stomped it in the snow, and told me to get lost. I love New York. When I was 16, I gave some money to a disabled guy in a wheelchair that was asking for help door to door in my neighborhood.

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He thanked me and started to make small talk. I felt kind of bad for him, so I tried to be nice and make conversation. First, he asked for my name, then what grade I was in, and if I liked school. Two minutes later, he started to get super creepy and started asking about my family, if I liked ice cream, and if I ever wear short shorts and tank tops I developed early and by that age, I was already wearing large bras. One day, my mom saw the fear in my face and asked what was going on. My mom was in a different state and refused to come out here until I finally drove out there and got her.

They had it made.

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I will never do anything like that again. I did my duty as a daughter, but now I will never bail her out ever again. But never her. She was flirting with everyone, exchanging numbers and Snapchat usernames and messages implying she was sending out naked photos to them and wanted to hook up. Instead, she cheated on me — on my phone. Essentially, I gave her a phone so she could cheat on me. I mean, I know she was probably doing it anyway but come on, on my phone? I took screenshots of everything and sent it to her basically telling her to get lost.

She wanted attention elsewhere, what more is there to know? One time after work, I pulled up to a gas station in a pretty bad neighborhood.

It must have been about 10 pm. This pregnant woman and her baby daddy pull up next to me in a beaten-up car with the interior all ripped to shreds. She told me that they just had their car stolen and that they just got it back but the carjackers tore up the inside. She asked if I could give her money to get some food to eat for the night. So we went inside and she started grabbing a bunch of stuff as I went to pull some cash from the ATM. At this point, the girl at the register knew what was up and started to ask questions, but with a hostile tone.

The two women then got into a LOUD argument right in front of me. Internally, I started to flip out because I was too stupid to just say no to the lady, and now this had gone way too far.

Good Deeds That Backfired

The manager came and walked the pregnant woman out, and I started to walk to my car. She looked at me and asked about the cash that I pulled out. She started screaming at me telling me I was a horrible person because I let someone convince me to not help a pregnant woman. I was so freaked out by the whole thing that I just drove home in silence. In middle school, the new kid was being openly bullied by our psychopathic study hall monitor.

He was almost in tears by the end of it. He immediately stood up, walked up to her desk, and handed her the note. He then turned around and pointed right at me. We made her kids dinner while she was in the hospital getting her stomach pumped, which gave them a good look inside our house.

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Her kids later robbed our house. My neighbor went on to attack my parents who eventually sold up and moved away. The paramedics who responded to my emergency call told me I had saved her life by calling them in time and administering first aid. Given what she put my parents through and the way her children are career criminals now, I sort of regret being so neighborly.

When I was studying in New Mexico, my afternoon routine was to go out and eat lunch by myself. A homeless guy approached me and asked if I could buy him a burger and fries. I said okay. After buying my food, I only had enough money for a burger and not enough for the fries. So I got a burrito and a burger then came out and handed him the burger. Since then, every time we saw each other in the area, he would silently stare at me as the woman who denied him fries. About halfway through school, he latched onto my group of friends because he wanted to try psychedelics and saw us as his best bet to get ahold of some.

My friends would often want to secretly ditch him, but I was not cool with that. He eventually asked me out, I said no, and it escalated to the point where he would show up uninvited where I was and wrote all kinds of disturbing journal entries with fantasies about me which he PASSED AROUND school to anyone who was interested in reading them. My friends were pretty good at closing ranks around me, but then he ended up going to the same university.

He eventually confessed his undying love, at which point I told him I wanted no contact with him. He stalked me relentlessly for years.

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He continued to stalk and threaten me and all sorts of people in my life. He contacted my old high school English teacher about me. Because this dude sent me some really disturbing stuff mentioning you.