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Graduate Study in Bioengineering

C- or lower will not earn credit. Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3. Formal coursework for a Ph. Graduate level introductory courses in each core area are available for students who are unfamiliar with the subject area. Aside from the core area requirement, considerable flexibility is allowed in the selection of courses to adapt to diverse interests, educational backgrounds, and career plans.

Students are also allowed to take a certain number of upper-level undergraduate courses to broaden their background. Students start thesis research within a few weeks of matriculation.

Research during the first year defines the theme for the Ph. Qualifying Examination at the beginning of the second year. The purpose of the Qualifying Examination is to ensure that the student is sufficiently prepared and motivated to complete Ph. Students submit a research document and take an oral examination with questions centered around the subject of the document. The questions may range from fundamental knowledge, prior research, to future prospect. By passing the Qualifying Examination, the student is formally accepted as a Ph.

Best 7 PhD Programs in Biomedical Engineering 12222/2020

The ensuing Ph. The student must pass a Ph. Proposal Examination, designed to assess the plan for completing the Ph. Qualifying Examination.

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All students are required to take Biomedical Engineering Seminar or during each semester of residence. All Ph.

Doctoral Program (PhD) | Biological & Biomedical Engineering - McGill University

Students entering the Ph. Direct Entry students must satisfactorily complete at least 84 units of coursework, among which at most 21 units may be advanced undergraduate courses. Most Direct Entry students graduate within years of full-time study. Qualified candidates with an approved M.

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