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Classroom management: A proactive approach.

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Boston: Pearson. Reasoned Action A recent event in the world of business and politics brings home the idea of reasoned action in regards to fixing problems, even on a national level.

The event that took place was that American citizens reelected a President that had no economic sense whatsoever, and had wasted trillions of dollars on projects that proved very foolhardy, all in an attempt to jumpstart an economy that has been in. The normative theory is examined and how that theoretical bases can be viewed to run throughout the fabric of the various theories and models used. Behavior Modification and Skill Enhancement for High-Risk Students in Community Colleges Community colleges traditionally maintain an open-door policy, often enrolling students who are poorly prepared to enter higher education.

Behaviorist Theory Essay

Once these students are enrolled, they often find themselves struggling with severe skill deficiencies and, in a survey of 6, students attending a large, urban community college, Jack Friedlander discovered that, of the students who were not confident in one or more. Theory X managers take a 'carrot and stick' approach when motivating subordinates. They assume that workers are inherently resistant to labor and will do all they can to avoid doing work so. According to behaviorists, human behavior is influenced not only by mental processes but also through reflexes conditioning.

F Skinner is considered a radical behaviorist who conducted extensive study on the effects of classical conditioning on human behavior McLeod, Skinner was influenced by Watson theories of human behavior. In his observation, rewards improve good behaviors while punishment leads to weak behaviors Watson, Similarly, in my life, I discovered that when I was given gifts by parents for good academic work, I improved my hard work in school.

Cognitive Behavioral Theory Of Pain Health And Social Care Essay

I also noticed that students performed well in class assignments when they were promised gifts by subject teachers. To illustrate this, while in high school, I noted that severe punishments such as suspension from school minimized bad behaviors such as bullying and smoking. On another occasion, I observed that when a kid engaged in bad behaviors such as stealing cheese, caning helped in preventing the kid from repeating the behavior. In my work career, I have observed that rewards such as good salary increment, welfare and health benefits helps in reinforcing employees hard work, commitment and loyalty to their employer.

On the other hand, lack of appreciation, low pay and abusing workers leads to poor work output. When a kid engages in bad behaviors, punishment helps in minimizing a repeat of such behaviors.

Behavioral Theory - Nature vs Nurture Personality?

In conclusion, conditioning leads to positive or negative behaviors. The overriding argument is people result to positive or negative behaviors based on the conditioning nature received. Journal of anxiety disorders 13 1β€”2 : 69β€” In this study, the authors sought understand the effectiveness of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR treatment method for particular phobias. In addition, the study was concerned with conceptual and practical use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR treatment method in controlled and uncontrolled studies.

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The primary behaviors that categorized in the behavioral assessment of the leader are two types. One is task-oriented leaders and the other people-oriented leaders.

They will assess behavior in relevance to initiating, organizing tasks, and data collection. The people-oriented leaders pinpoint the interaction among people for motivation.

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The highlighted expression under focus is encouraging the staff, observation, listening to concerns, and training of the staff members. The contingency theory identifies and assesses the particular situation of the leader. The focus of this theory is the leader β€”led case.

It emphasizes that there is no specific leadership format for the leaders and there are different styles of leaders in different situations.

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The theory tests the leader led case through assessment of tasks assigned, the behavior of the leader under pressure, integrity of the system, and environmental influence. Furthermore, contingency theory says that a leader is dependent on the situation and he has to adjust accordingly. Behavioral theory contributes to the contingency theory because of the leadership styles used in contingency leadership model. The element of behaviorism is involved in the application of contingency theory where the leadership led by the person assessed by the behaviorism that he projects on leadership post.

Behavior is the style used in behavioral their framework which is also the base of the contingency leadership framework.